Matilda’s Blanket

Matilda’s Blanket is a new, unique internal wall insulation system that stops old, solid wall homes from leaking heat – think double glazing, but for your walls! The incredibly slim, neat, hard-wearing and super energy efficient internal insulation system can result in a 30 – 50% reduction in your fuel bills!

Fitting your Matilda’s Blanket doesn’t require any plastering required and can be painted, wallpapered or tiled straight away. It doesn’t change the external appearance of your home, just changes the amount of heat your home loses. Plus, because Matilda’s Blanket is Green Deal Compliant, you can benefit from government funding.

Benefits of Matilda’s Blanket

As well as reducing your household energy bills by up to an impressive 50%, Matilda’s Blanket also has the following benefits:

  • High Performance – you don’t need to just take our word for it, Matilda’s Blanket has been tested and measured by a host of bodies like The National Physical Laboratory and the Energy Saving Trust with really impressive results like making a room warmer and for longer and by using a lot less energy in the process.
  • Quick to install – Because it’s designed in kit form and made-to-measure it’s really simple for our installers to install, causing less disruption to your home
  • No need for plastering – the technology uses what’s called a “Severe Duty” front face and this doesn’t need to be plastered so less mess, less fuss and no waiting around for plaster to dry.
  • It’s incredibly strong – It’s 10 times stronger than every other insulation system as they use plasterboard as its front face. So you can hang things from it like you would from a regular wall.
  • 25 year guarantee – It’s designed to last which is why it’s backed by a 25 year Insurance backed guarantee.

Matilda’s blanket is helping heat the homes of customers across the country, from homeowners to councils and housebuilding companies.

If you’d like to enjoy the many benefits of Matilda’s Blanket then get in touch with us today.


Read some of Matilda’s Blanket customers’ stories:

Ealing Council’s, Parul Shah leads a team responsible for managing the void process, disrepair works, conversions extensions and structural works for the council’s 18,000 properties. “One of my Directors at Ealing Council approached me, in November 2013, to discuss two sheltered housing block for elderly residents in the Acton area of Ealing which were proving hard to let. The Council wanted to make the apartment from appealing to older residents and one of our main goals was ensuring that the properties could be kept warm without excessive energy bills.”

“Our specifies came to us with a number of alternative solutions for insulating the building’s solid walls, but Matilda’s Blanket stood out from the rest. Not only did Matilda’s Blanket offer the best deal to our tenants on their energy bills, it also presented the best energy efficiency option and the quickest installation schedule. The installation of Matilda’s Blanket was also very clean and tidy, creating almost no mess. I could certainly imagine the Blanket being fitted in-situ, creating little disruption for the residents.”

“One elderly resident has been back in his home for four or five weeks now and he’s been overwhelmed by the difference that Matilda’s Blanket has made. He was used to wearing six layers of clothing inside the house, but now he’s warm all the time and much happier as a result. He’s not worried about getting his energy bill for the first time in years, because he knows his usage has dropped so much since Matilda’s Blanket has been installed.”

“We’re already hoping to use Matilda’s Blanket in the near future on a further 50 properties in the area. I’d definitely recommend Matilda’s Blanket to other organisations who are seeking to address energy efficient in their housing.”

Harrow Council Tenant, Vivienne Gilbey had been in her current property for two years and had been plagued by damp problems since her and her two children moved into the property… until Matilda’s Blanket came along that is.

“It got so bad we had to replace all our furniture, because it had been badly damaged by the damp and mould. As I suffer from a number of health issues and breathing difficulties, including asthma and COPD, I have always worried that the damp and mould in the house were having a really bad effect on my health.”

“When we heard that Harrow Council were going to install Matilda’s Blanket we were really excited. We were especially happy that they would be able to install the system without us needing to move out. Since Matilda’s Blanket has been fitted the house feels warmer, more comfortable and just more like home. I can’t speak highly enough of Matilda’s Blanket and I would definitely recommend it to other people who have problems with cold and damp in their homes. It’s definitely going to make a difference to my fuel bills – I haven’t used the heating once since Matilda’s Blanket was fitted!”

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