Solar Together

Objective: To help deliver Solar Together Norfolk, the UK’s first council-led solar group-buying scheme created by Norwich City, Broadland, South Norfolk and North Norfolk district councils, in partnership with iChoosr and JWD.

Background: As the UK’s leading expert in domestic energy collective switching, iChoosr, together with council partners, have helped more than 77,500 households reduce their energy bills with a collective saving of over £15 million. iChoosr have been running collective switching schemes, in the UK since 2012 and was introduced to the UK market by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) as a partner to help councils enhance consumer engagement with the energy market to get better energy deals. iChoosr has now launched Solar Together, replicating its highly successful Dutch and Belgian Solar PV collective purchasing scheme. Through Solar Together residents within specific campaign areas can group together to negotiate rates to buy and install photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on the roof of their home.

The Scheme

Solar Together Norfolk works to achieve the best deal for the best all-inclusive solar PV system by using the power of collective bargaining, when a group of people join together to sign up their interest. The purchasing power of that group is then taken to an auction to achieve the best price for a pre-defined, high quality system.

Following the one-day auction, held on Thursday 18 June, where qualified suppliers were able to compete by outbidding each other with the most competitive offer, Job Worth Doing was the winning supplier. Their credentials, along with all of the installers participating in the auction, were carefully assessed in a qualification process by iChoosr, the expert in collective buying.

Anyone in Norfolk could register their interest in the Solar Together Norfolk Scheme online completely free and without obligation. The short registration asked questions on annual energy usage and the direction and approximate size of the roof. These questions then generated a cost and savings estimation for the property.

The first half of July saw all registered residents contacted with a personal offer informing them in more detail of the cost and return of a solar panel installation on their property. All applicants then had until Monday 14 September to decide whether to accept their personal offer, with no obligation to continue.

Applicants that chose to accept their personal offer were asked to pay a small deposit of £75 to confirm their interest. Once the deposit was received they were then contacted to arrange a survey. After they had seen and accepted the survey report, an installation date was agreed.


The Solar Together Norfolk scheme ran for a limited time only, with Job Worth Doing securing the contract on 18th June and it came to a close on Monday 14th September.

As leading installers of energy efficient products and local installation partner to Solar Together Norfolk, the team at Job Worth Doing have been working tirelessly over the past few months to fulfil customers’ orders for solar panels.


The Solar Norfolk Together scheme was a huge success with over 800 householders accepting their personal offers on this pilot scheme. Job Worth Doing achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 71.4, showing that customers were happy with the scheme and would be willing to recommend the products or services to their friends and family.

Customer Feedback

Reflecting the scheme’s success, the following feedback was gained from two applicants and recipients of Solar Together Norfolk;

” Mr Hamilton said that the installation was very clean and tidy in fact (perfect). He felt that the admin team were very helpful and provided help and guidance with the tariff forms. He would recommend this scheme to others.”
– Mr and Mrs Hamilton, Norfolk.

“Mr and Mrs Wick said that the installation was a very smooth and efficient process, and snag free. They would both highly recommend this to others.”
– Mr and Mrs Wick, Norfolk.

Solar Together

Mr and Mrs Wick

JWD LED Lighting Solutions

Mr and Mrs Hamilton